Reptile Surveys

Snake across land
The four widespread species of British reptile: grass snake, slow-worm, adder and common lizard are legally protected under UK law. The much rarer smooth snake and sand lizard are fully protected under UK and EU law and require a European protected species licence from Natural England if a development affects them or their habitat.

The initial scoping survey will identify the potential for reptiles occurring on the site and if they will be impacted by the proposed project. If the assessment reveals that the site has potential, a reptile refugia survey will be required to ascertain the presence or absence of reptiles. This involves the distribution of reptile refugia across the site in areas considered suitable for reptiles. The refugia are then inspected by a qualified ecologist at regular intervals. If reptiles are using the site then further mitigation works are likely to be necessary.

Reptile surveys are carried out between March and October, with the peak survey seasons being April-June and September-October. Therefore forward planning is important to minimise delays in the development process.

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